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No Classes on the 4th of July

Due to holiday celebrations, there will be no classes held on Wednesday, July 4th. We hope you have a safe and fun-filled day. Ignite some sparks of Peace, Love, and Freedom in your heart!

Empower Yourself

Tune into Yoga Let go of the busyness of life and practice yoga.  Yoga in Sanskrit means to “unite” or yoke, often referenced to the mind and body.  Consistent practice proves this premise.  Move into any asana/pose and tune in to being present with any emotion, releasing unneeded energy, and inhaling renewing energy. As I continue to deepen my yoga practice, I’ve found I can’t imagine NOT practicing yoga as the physical and mental benefits are continually evolving for me.  I hope you will try or expand your yoga practice at East Bank Yoga. Namaste, Jill Moncur, RYT-200 Co-Owner East Bank Yoga

Baptise Yoga Cancelled tonight 6/25

There will be no Baptiste Yoga classes at 4:30pm or 6pm tonight. Colleen is not feeling well.  Please send some healing thoughts her way. Thank you.

Gratitude and Well Wishes to Deb

We wish to extend our gratitude and warm wishes to instructor, Deb Billion, as she will be teaching her last summer class at EBY next week.   Please come enjoy your noon yoga practice with Deb one more time next Wednesday, June 27th! Wednesday noon classes will continue, and Maria will be offering Expressive Yoga on Wednesdays at noon throughout the month of July.  Please note that Maria will honor any unused classes from your punch cards with Deb to help make a smooth transition.

Family Yoga this Saturday

~A playful yoga adventure for the whole family~ Saturday, June 16th 2012 9:00-9:45am All ages are welcome, from infants through grandparents.  Cost is only $9 for the whole family! Check out Upcoming Events for more information.

Honor your Mind, Body, and Soul

Asana is one of the eight limbs of classical yoga, which states that poses should be steady and comfortable, firm yet relaxed, helping a practitioner to become more aware of their body, mind, and environment.

Give Yourself the Gift of Yoga

Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind. ~Patanjali, translated from Sanskrit

Sacred Dance Fusion for Teens

~Shimmy, Sway, Smile  & work up a Sweat!~ Sunday, June 3rd 2:00-3:00pm Please check out Yoga for Youth page for more information.