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Thank you Maria for your time and work for East Bank Yoga.

Hello Runners

I received a request for a yoga class for runners.  Finally! was part of my reply.  Tuula from Team Core replied  "Yoga is their foundation for running."  Best wishes to all who are participating in the Susan G Komen Run/Walk this Sunday.  Please join us for a replenishing life giving Prana yoga practice Saturday 9/28, 3:00 - 4:00 pm $10.00 Namaste, Jill Moncur

New Class on Monday Evenings 5:30 - 6:45 pm with Colleen

An energizing flow class of meditation in motion that will empower you in body, mind and spirit. This class is taught in the style of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. Mondays, October 7th-December 9th this class will be infused with the 9 practices of Baron Baptiste's new book: Being of Power The 9 practices to ignite an empowered life. Each class will be based on each practice beginning October 5th with the first practice of Be a Yes and concluding December 9th with Set Your Sights on Your North Star. Learn to go with the flow, find your edge and practice at your own level. All levels welcome!

Monthly Meditation Sessions

  Meditation quiets the mind, enhancing the mind body connection.  Please join us for our monthly meditation sessions, Saturday, September 21, 2:00 - 3:15 pm  $5.00 Facilitated by Jill.
  In our daily lives, we can encounter many internal and external stressors.  When stress events occur this activates the sympathetic nervous system which mobilizes the body for immediate action possibly ending in state of exhaustion. Yoga offers natural therapy for stress by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, the part of our nervous system responsible for relaxation.  When you activate the parasympathetic part of your nervous system you activate its natural cool-down effects and stop the cycle of chronic stress. A typical yoga class consists of deep breathing, gentle stretching, building strength and balance, quieting the mind and relaxation. Give yourself some well deserved relaxation at East Bank Yoga Studio.    
When I first started practicing yoga I noticed my heart sang in certain asanas (poses) Heart opening. I very much look forward to continuing my yoga education, studying with THE BEST in a few weeks at the Yoga Therapy Summit. I signed up for this conference early this year and then felt intimidated thinking about studying with Leslie Kaminoff. I've resolved that and I look forward to soaking up a wealth of information. Topics of study I have selected are: The Knot of Brahma - Emotional Suppression as the Source of Common Pain Syndromes with Leslie Kaminoff, Yoga Therapy for Anxiety and Depression with Gray Kraftsow, The Open Secret of Yoga Nidra with Richard Miller, and Chant as a Powerful Tool for Healing with Sonia Nelson. I look forward to sharing the gifts from this conference. Namaste, Jill Moncur, RYT-200, Reiki Certified Co-owner East Bank Yoga