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There’s a light in you That’s meant to move Through the wind and The rain and the heat Under the sun Under the stars forever There’s a place where everything flows and no one can tell you how to get there but you This summer brings abundant warmth and gentle evening sky light displays. Have you gazed at the stars lately or watched and listened to what nature can teach? I find winters rather long here and am appreciative of every moment on the trail this summer.   Just a bit older I am cognizant that tending to my yoga practice enriches me.   There are days where I skip yoga for a slow run or bike on the trail.   When I practice yoga for an hour, I realize the sweet benefits. We are often told to have an “attitude of gratitude” but what if something bad is going on in our lives and this seems impossible? In a sense, without the dark contrasts, we would not see the light. It is moving toward our suffering that healing is always found. Healthy exercise and natu