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A Practice of Peace

Meditation Group met today.  My personal insight brought fourth that the path of life can go up, wind, and down.  Meditation brought me to a place of “being” and not swept up in the concerns that can arise.  Clarity and clearing occurred on my part. Our reflective discussion was vast and lead to the desire to deepen and continue on a path of peaceful inquiry. As we balance and adjust our balance in yoga class we can remind ourselves that in tree pose "It's supposed to motivate us to work toward our goal even if there are many obstacles in the way." -T.K.V. Desikachar Om Shanti Jill Moncur, E-RYT
On occasion I wonder as I take in a yoga class when there seems to be a relatively “easy” asana a look of wanting more.   I am fine if I am wrong with this perception.   If you find a pose that you are not at the present moment feeling an active stretch I invite you to settle in.   There is a lovely feeling of being fully aware in the body and begin to notice in such a pose that you can relax a bit more, gently rise up through the spine, and check in with where your breathing is at. Upon finishing class yesterday morning one person said “that is exactly what I needed.” The benefits of yoga are both tangible and subtle.   Meditation ~ Silence is the relaxation of mind and body; it is restful and healing.   The power of silence preserves energy and vitality. Twists ~ Twists are particularly powerful detoxifiers. When we twist, we put pressure on the internal organs, and when we breathe in a twist, we modify that pressure.   Stagnant residue can be released from the organs,