Wednesday Workshop

Kundalini Yoga for Prosperity with Connie Parente from NYC

“If you master your mind, you master the whole universe because once you master your mind and bring it to neutrality the Universal mind will serve you. ~ Yogi Bhajan

Powerful breath work, movement, mantra, mudra and eye focus best describes a Kriya, known as Asana in other forms of yoga.  The energy flow opens the channel between meridians creating change in the way we think, feel and be.  We will end with a meditation that will connect  mind and body to rewire the thoughts that manifest negative habit patterns, which block the infinite flow of prosperity.

Join us for 2 hours of bliss as we stimulate the neutral mind and tap into infinity! Have a Kundalini Experience!

Workshop hosted at East Bank Yoga

Wednesday, July 17th


Price is $25. Register early and Save $5!  To register, contact Connie at or call 718-869-0674.

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