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Candice Endelman, LMT
I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2012 and have absolutely loved every bit of it! I know many modalities but a few of my favorites would have to be Deep Tissue, Prenatal, and Swedish. I prefer to perform customized sessions so no session is exactly the same, nor is every 'body' the same either. I prefer to have an objective approach to each session and really strive to find that perfect balance between what a client wants and what their body needs. I am open and honest and will give you my honest opinion as a LMT and am always willing to try new things.
I absolutely love massage therapy and love to learn new things, after all were are all continuously learning through this journey of life. I would have to say that balance is my main drive with massage therapy. There is a big gap between balance of home life, work life, parenthood, and so on and so on. There never really is a "perfect" balance between everything and that's why I bring my energy, passion, hope, and drive to every massage I do. I believe that we can all help each other through this journey so long as we have an open heart, mind, and positive energy.

To make an appointment call Candice (605) 214-6602, email eastbankyoga@gmail.com, or candiceendelman@hotmail.com
$35 / 30 minutes
$60 / 60 minutes
$80 / 90 minutes
Students with current punch cards receive $10.00 discount on a 1 hour massage. 

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