Spiritual Housekeeping 101
w/ Veronika Ludewig - Owner of Bodyworks by Veronika, Intuitive Energy Healer,Reiki Master/Teacher, co-founder of the SF Holistic Health & Spirituality Fair!
Spiritual Housekeeping is just as important as regular housekeeping to keep the energy in your home relaxed, positive & uplifted.  Join me for this amazing class where we will be going through the Christian, Shamanic and Spiritual traditions of space clearing that are used in churches, temples and other sacred spaces world wide to bless and consecrate their space.  Learn how to bring these practices into your home and other spaces to clear and bless the energy of the spaces you and your family live and work in!
Saturday Nov. 14th
$60 - Pre-registration required w/ payment
Contact Veronika at 321-7116 or veronikasemail@gmail.com to register
A $30 Beginners Kit is included in the class!
Veronika was raised Catholic and has studied World Religion at UNM-Albuquerque, Mahayana Buddhism - UHH-Hilo and has spent over 15yrs studying different shamanic practices as part of her professional work.

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