I just taught yoga out at the stable Rugged Cross to 4h youth and adults.
Yoga outside amongst the breeze with peaceful sounds from horses and roosters.  One of the younger participants after class exclaimed, “that was easy” I am happy to hear that as we practiced some core poses that not all would enthusiastically exclaim “that was easy”
If you have a group and a location and would like a beginner friendly yoga class, reach out to me via eastbankyoga@gmail.com or 605.334.5292.  $50.00 for a 40 minute class, mats provided.
Take time to move in a mindful way.
For healthy range of motion, layers of connective tissue must allow muscles to glide over each other. Injury, habitual posture in daily life, and aging, among other factors can bind these connective tissues together, creating so-called adhesions and restricting that movement between the sliding surfaces of the muscles. Adhesions block the flow of nutrients and energy through the body, causing pain and limiting mobility. Holding poses that gently lengthening the muscles and fascia helps break up adhesions, and applying mild stress to joints and connective tissues can increase their range of motion.


Jill Moncur

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