My Saturday morning reading lead me to a poignant blog by Victor Dubin

There is room for me to take my personal yoga practice to a more mindful level at times.  On occasion I move into the asanas that are “good for me” without taking the time to value the experience. Sometimes I skip staying busy when slowing down with some yoga likely would replenish mind, body and soul.  That is on occasion.  I appreciate the “wow factor” when I am in the mode and revelations and freeing the breath flow in my practice.

With pleasant anticipation I was ready to host Meditation Group.  I looked forward to the synergy of group meditation.  I looked forward to renewing a mindset of letting go of limiting thought patterns and beliefs.  As we sat I was ready to be “an empty vessel,” clear for meditation.  I was greeted with insight. Our post meditation discussion included laughter and I was grateful to a group meditation that encompassed serenity.

Jill Moncur   

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