Saturday Meditation Group traveled to Pipestone for hiking and walking meditation. After our hike sitting on one of the Three Maidens rocks with Samuel, he talked about the 7 values of Native American culture: prayer, respect, compassion, honesty, generosity, humility, and wisdom. There are similarities with the 8 Limbs of Yoga: Yama; moral discipline, Niyama; positive observances, Asana; practice of posture to sit in ease in meditation, Pranayama; breathing techniques connecting to life energy, Pratyahara; internalization of the senses, so that we can experience the inner domain of pure awareness, Dharana; focused concentration, Dhyana; meditation is a practice of quieting the mind, Samadhi; union with the Divine.

I’ve come a long way to tell this story.
There’s no turning back now.
The past will no longer be something to point to
For who you are and what you choose.
The radiant Sun is a life-giver
Who shows up without fail.
And what do we do with all this precious energy?

As we enter a season of awakening it is a lovely time to embrace the variety of self-care the yoga tradition provides. 

Embrace peace and appreciation.

Take time to integrate your outer and inner experience.

When we practice yoga through stretching and breath we release “ama” stagnant energy we do not need. Consistent practice of yoga enhances your ability to deepen your awareness of the subtle flow of the body. 

Pranayama (yogic breathing) Breathing deeply, lowers your heart rate, relieves anxiety, relaxes your muscles and calms your mind.

Take time for Pratyahara (Sense Withdrawal) thus experiencing the inner domain of pure awareness.

Take time to focus on slowing down the busy mind to experience awareness.

Meditate ~  When our minds our “cluttered” the body can respond by tensing muscles.

Essential oil class will take place this Saturday from 2:00-3:00pm. Registration required 24 hours in advance of class at or 605.759.7459.

Class will cover benefits of ess…
The yoga class theme for Saturday, 2/2 at 9:00am will be Connecting with Ajna.

René Descartes the 17th Century French philosopher, scientist and mathematician dedicated much time to the study of the pineal gland. He called it the "principal seat of the soul." He believed it to be the point of connection between the intellect and the body.

Ajna helps us to make new observations about ourselves and enables us to find solutions to our challenges.

“In order to see, you have to stop being in the middle of the picture.”
-Sri Aurobindo

Jill Moncur
Essential Oil Workshop
Tending the earth body connection
Saturday, February 23, 2:00-3:00pm
Plant products have been used therapeutically around the world for thousands of years.
This workshop will include:
Creating an individual blend to take home, supplies included in price of class.
Essential oil care treatment
Practical household usage tips and more.
Email or call 605.759.7459 to register your attendance.
$25.00 for class, cash or check accepted
If you can focus on the breath and move the breath, it will have a profound effect on the body.
Every positive move makes a difference. Take time to breathe and unwind in this 45-minute class designed to fit into a busy day. If you have a current punch card you may use it for this class. Drop in rate $15.00 cash or check.
Registration not required for Yoga Refresh class this Saturday, 1/5 at 10:00am
Jill Moncur

Slow inhale, release, nourishing exhale ~ Breathe

“Yoga has helped me find what is right with me, other modalities focus on what is wrong.”
- Veteran
Take time for self-care.Gentle Yoga takes place Saturday, December 29 at 12:30.The class theme will consist of a heart centered practice combined with relaxing muscular tension and imbue the qualities of energy and calm
$15.00 cash or check. Registration required 24 hours in advance of class at 605.759.7459 or
Yoga philosophy acknowledges our multidimensional existence, that our being comprises of many layers or koshas, the basics of which are the mental body, the physical body, the emotional body and the spiritual body. Unfolding to the experience of each of these layers is essential for our health and well-being.
Physical yoga practice or hatha as it is called, is important to communicate with our physical body by routinely moving and stretching it.
New offerings: Chakra Asana Class, Saturday, 11/10, 10:00-11:00am
This class will consist of: Introduction to the chakras, a yoga practice pairing asana with chakras, relational meaning of mind, body and chakra. Registration 48 hours prior to class. $25.00 cash or check accepted. Payment required prior to class,, or 605.759.7459 If you are not able to attend class a make-up class will be schedule for you.
Wednesday, 11/14 11:00-11:30am Pranayama Reset
Manage or relieve stress and fill your body with nou…