Monday, February 27, 2017

Move, Breathe, Replenish at East Bank Yoga

The breath is the primary tool through which you will be able to access what’s actually happening in your body. It’s the primary tool to activate change in your structure at a deep level, and it’s the primary tool to link your conscious awareness to the process of change. So think of the breath as an internal flashlight, microscope, viewfinder, that helps you discover what’s going on. -Leslie Kaminoff

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Infuse ~ Prana ~ Shakti

Meditation Group met yesterday at East Bank Yoga.  Yet again a vibe raising experience to connect with people with like minds, soul meditation, and re-energize our lives.
Join me at East Bank Yoga for a candle lit yoga practice with a view of the morning or evening sky.
More information on classes available on East Bank Yoga website.
Tuesdays Hatha Yoga
Yoga often begins with the physical and then builds mental layers. At East Bank Yoga you are encouraged throughout class to let the intelligence of the ancient practice seep in allowing you to fully benefit from a mindful practice. 
Tuesdays Beginners’ Yoga
Yoga is about the journey.  Connect with your authentic self with a practice that encompasses the whole body.
First Wednesday of the month ~ Hatha Yoga
Replenish your mid-week with a practice of balancing the energies of the mind, body and soul
Second Wednesday of the month ~ Gentle Yoga
A practice consisting of gentle yoga. Optional well-being offerings include smudging (clearing negative energy) soothing hands on adjustments at the beginning and end of class and a warm essential oil treatment.
Third Wednesday of the month ~ Prana Flow
Contemplative Yoga Flow
Saturday Beginners’ Yoga
There is a morning inside you waiting to burst open into light ~Rumi 
Infuse your morning.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

“Yoga is not about doing the asanas, it’s about un-doing what’s in the way of the asanas. In order for asana practice to truly be a yoga practice it has to be done in the context of understanding that we’re challenging our patterns while invoking svadhyaya, or self-reflection.” That is, rather than the end goal, it’s the process we’re after. All of the benefit and the greatest potential for change lies in the trying to both learn something about ourselves and to do something we couldn’t previously do.”

-Leslie Kaminoff