Saturday, October 28, 2017

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Join the Sioux Falls Regus Business Center and East Bank Yoga for some Holiday Decompression Yoga! Take the stress out of the holiday season. We will be offering two days of YOGA sessions for building tenants and guests.
Yogi Jill Moncur from East Bank Yoga will lead the classes for a nominal fee of $10 (Cash/Check Only Please). A portion of the fee will be donated to the Children's Home Society. This is an all-levels YOGA session. Please bring mats if you have them. REGUS will provide bottled water.
*** Guest Parking is available in the Overflow Parking Lot that is located under the 10th & 11th St Bridges. Follow signs for CNA Overflow Parking across the street from the CNA Lumber Exchange Building.
Dates and Times of Sessions:
Wednesday, November 8

10 am -10:40 am (Session 1)
11 am - 11:40 am (Session 2)

Wednesday, November 22

12 pm - 12:40 pm (Session 3)
1 pm - 1:40 pm (Session 4)

Sunday, October 22, 2017

With a good mind we meet

9:00 am yoga at East Bank Yoga yesterday once more proved to be a recurrent revelation of the varied inspirations that occurs with a yoga practice.  A lovely group met and I once more want to thank all for bringing their divine light to class.

Meditation Group met later in the afternoon, wow !  My insights included that we are soul trekkers.  Some of our discussion in between meditation sessions included that perhaps as we sink into meditation we might first seek what our mind needs at the moment.  Sometimes there is that external “watch dog” initially.  Speaking for myself when I allow myself to go internal I hear the whispers and wisdom of peace.


Jill Moncur

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The mind is listening to the body and the body is listening to the mind

Gentle yoga class last evening started with a guided meditation while in an asana, undoing the work of the day.  The class proceeded at a mindful pace allowing the body to warm up, stretch, release stress and ended with an essential oil treatment.  This class is a good option for stress relief and taking time to slow down your pace of life.

There are various reasons to attend a yoga class resulting in multiple benefits.  If you wish to improve your strength, this occurs in both Hatha and Beginners yoga classes.  Muscle strength is an indicator of joint integrity.  At East Bank Yoga we will build strength

If you wish to improve your flexibility it takes 30 seconds of continuous stretching for your muscle spindle neuron to actually allow your muscle to habituate to a new, longer length.  Take your time, and be gentle. When you feel tissue stretching along the bones as long as that stretch is not extreme it’s probably healthy. When you feel discomfort in a joint, stop doing what you’re doing.

-Charlotte Bell

Meditation Group meets monthly at 2:00 on a Saturday, see calendar for details.  Meditation is a gift to your mind and body. Regular practice of meditation allows us to gain mastery over our minds so that we can still our thoughts to focus on the experience of being.  If we mentally dwell on the past or the future, we may miss the experience of living in the present moment.  Setting and visualizing goals is wonderful, however we can bring our thoughts into our current experience by taking steps to create them now.

Join us at East Bank Yoga. The drop in rate is $12.00 cash or check

Parking is free in the 2 parking lots across the street or with winter on the way treat yourself to the parking ramp just north of the studio.

A variety of new class options coming in January to compliment your mind, body and soul.

If you would like a personalized class or have any questions email or call 605.334.5292


Jill Moncur